Have your questions answered by

Dr. Diamantis

Dr. Diamantis can answer your hair loss and restoration questions. We have taken the liberty of answering the most frequently asked questions and specific questions about your individual concerns. Our team can also answer any general questions you might have.

Q. Can anyone benefit from hair transplantation?People of all races experience common male/female pattern baldness. Most men and many women are good candidates for hair transplantation. But due to medical reasons, a relatively small number of people are not suitable candidates. If you are not a candidate, we will explain why.

Q. Do  I   have  to   be  well–off   to  afford   hair restoration at Nature’s Way?
Not at all. Our techniques are within the reach of virtually anyone who’d like a natural looking hair restoration. Nature’s Way offers low interest free monthly financing for qualified applicants. Dr. “D” will develop a treatment plan that best addresses your goals, while still  within your budget.

Q. Does age make a difference in hair restoration?
No. Dr. Diamantis has served patients from age 18 to 87. We are seeing many patients in their 20’s and early 30’s who want to catch their hair loss at an early stage. We are adding hair a little at a time to their thinning areas to minimize their chances of ever going through an embarrassing “bald stage.” This allows you to stay ahead of your hair loss and grow new hair slowly and naturally with out anyone knowing.

Q. Do some Nature’s Way patients ever feel their hair restoration could be too full and dense?
Yes. Older men occasionally prefer less fullness and density than seen in some Nature’s Way patients. Our hair restoration techniques give an older man the ability to achieve a moderately dense result and retain flexibility to increase density later.

Q. Are there risks involved in hair restoration?
Negligible. You need not worry excessively about surgical risks or complications. If Dr. Diamantis accepts you as a patient, the likelihood of serious surgical complications is negligible. Hair restoration procedures performed in our AAAHC accredited facilities at Nature’s Way only involve the body’s outer layer, thus it is minimally invasive and very safe. You can discuss any concerns with Dr. Diamantis during your private consultation.