Dr. Nicholas Diamantis at Nature’s Way Hair Restoration specializes in hair restoration, hair replacement, and hair transplant in the Cleveland, Lakewood, and Middletown Ohio areas.

Dr. Diamantis is recognized for his artistic ability to create extremely natural looking results for his patients. A restored hairline by us looks completely natural and soft. Each restored hairline is done by creating a hairline zone that makes it virtually impossible to distinguish between native and transplanted hair. Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Restoration, or anything Hair Loss… he can help!

Dr. Diamantis is an expert in arresting hair loss and creating natural results. By utilizing proven techniques, he will relocate your healthy, growing hair follicles to areas of thinning and balding scalp. He will create a new, natural-looking hairline of your own growing hair. Nature’s Way Hair Restoration has been assisting people to break down the psychological and physical barriers that hair loss creates.

There are many different options for Hair Restoration or Hair Replacement. Surgical, Non-Surgical, and Medical pharmaceutical hair replacement and hair restoration are just a few ways we can help. In each of these categories, there are multiple options you can choose from to achieve your results for your Hair Loss, Hair Restoration, or Hair Replacement. Call and find out what your options are now!

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