Hair Loss Treatment Strategies

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is often genetic, however, it may be caused by other factors. Doctor Diamantis will evaluate your genetic history, as well as your, nutritional, hormonal, and medical status. There are many herbs and vitamins which assist hair growth and arrest hair loss. Additionally, several FDA approved medications will help reverse hair loss (i.e. Propecia & Rogaine). In addition, a permanent hair loss resolution is hair transplantation.

Nature’s Way Hair Transplantation

Nature’s Way hair transplantation is minor outpatient surgery because it only deals with the outer portion of the scalp, which contains the hair follicles.

Permanent strong hairs are found in all men, concentrated at the back of the head. This region is called the “donor area.” Nature’s Way uses excess hairs from the donor area and relocates them to areas of thinning and balding scalp on top or at the front of the head. Each hair (graft) is skillfully placed in the proper area, position, and angle. The new hair grows naturally and will survive a lifetime.

Your Hair Loss Cure

Nature’s Way remains at the forefront of hair technology, and has a hair loss cure, perfectly suited for you. Dr. Nicholas C. Diamantis is the founder and director of Nature’s Way Hair Restoration and prides himself with staying on the crest of future hair innovations. His goal is to supplement hair restoration with stem cell based transplantation, allowing for future improvement in hair transplantation. In addition, Dr. Diamantis is philanthropic and often leads mission trips to third world countries lending his special surgical skills to help less fortunate children. When you come to Nature’s Way for your appointment, our caring clinical staff will do everything possible to make you comfortable while maintaining your privacy. You will be escorted to your own private accredited room, where you may ask Dr. Diamantis any remaining questions you might have.  During your procedure you can read a book, or choose to watch a movie. Or you may choose to be sedated allowing you to relax and sleep throughout the procedure. While you are sleeping, our team is busy preparing the donor area grafts for placement.

During your procedure in a private AAAHC accredited room, you can read, listen to music, watch TV, enjoy a film or just relax. However, a large number of our patients prefer to be sedated throughout the procedure. This anesthetic option allows you to gently sleep throughout the transplantation and wake up when the entire procedure is over. During the consultation, Dr. Diamantis will develop an anesthetic plan that allows you the maximum comfort and safety. After routine preparations and anesthetizing your donor and recipient areas, grafts of donor hair from the back or sides of your head are transplanted to appropriate areas on top or at the front of your head. Dr. Diamantis will arrange new hair follicles to simulate your original hair’s angle, direction and coverage.

Other Treatment Strategies

Rogaine- Rogaine (Minoxidil) 2-5%

In 1988 the FDA approved Minoxidil solution, the first medication for scalp application clinically proven in some cases to slow hair loss and in some cases to help re-grow hair on top of the head. This hair loss treatment has no effect on the hairline. To remain effective Minoxidil must be used on a daily basis. When treatment is stopped, hair follicles return to their pre-treatment condition.

Propecia  Propecia (Finasteride) 1mg

In 1997 the FDA approved the first pill to treat male pattern hair loss. Propecia is taken once a day and is available by prescription at Nature’s Way. Approximately one million men in the US. take Propecia. Most experience an increase in hair count and/or a decrease in hair loss. It works by inhibiting hormones causing male pattern hair loss. You must take Propecia for at least 12 months then continually thereafter. You will loose any hair grown by Propecia within 12 months if you stop taking the medication. As with other medications, Dr. Diamantis will review the possible benefits and the possible risks of taking Propecia (Finasteride) prior to dispensing it.

Laser Hair Comb

A hand held laser comb provides cool, low energy therapy for men’s and women’s pattern hair loss. It is the only FDA accepted hair loss device. It is used for 10-15 minutes, three times a week indefinitely. The Laser Comb has demonstrated similar results in both men and women with no significant side effects. On going treatment is required to maintain any hair improvements.