Message from Director


Congratulations on taking the first step to gain control over your hair loss

More than two million people have addressed hair loss with hair transplantation. Hundreds of men and women have chosen Nature’s Way Hair Restoration to restore their hair loss. Our techniques continue to change the way the world looks at hair transplantation by giving men and women soft, feathered, living hairlines that look and feel completely natural.

Although many of our patients differ in age, occupations and lifestyles, they have one thing in common; hair restoration at Nature’s Way changed their lives by restoring their self-confidence. Many patients tell us the most exciting aspect of hair restoration is the overwhelming new sense of freedom they feel.

For nearly twenty years, Dr. Diamantis has specialized in hair restoration–using advanced surgical and artistic techniques to achieve natural results. Dr. Diamantis excels at creating soft, natural, virtually undetectable hairlines by selecting, then placing/angling each hair to attain the most flawless and natural look.

By choosing Nature’s Way, you benefit from our surgical and aesthetic excellence, but more importantly you benefit from our continuity of care or “boutique” service. Dr. Diamantis will guide you throughout the entire process; from your private consult, to the procedure, and finally through your post operative follow up visits. The information in this website provides an extensive and comprehensive guide to surgical and medical hair restoration. I encourage you to read this information, and then call Nature’s Way at 1.216.227.HAIR (4247) to request a free private consultation and examination with Dr. Diamantis. At no cost or obligation, Dr. Diamantis will design a treatment plan to help you achieve your personal hair restoration goals. I am confident your visit to Nature’s Way will be a rewarding, enlightening experience.

In good health,

Nicholas Diamantis, MD, FAACS
Director & Founder