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    The treatment option(s) recommended at the initial consultation for the correction of hair loss vary from patient to patient and depend upon the level of hair loss, the texture of donor hair and other factors, including the patient's personal goals. The treatment options recommended by Dr. Diamantis at the time of the consultation consistent with your current level of hair loss, your hair texture and your current goals for improvement. Keep in mind, hair loss is progressive. Therefore, your current treatment option today may be different tomorrow. Each treatment plan requires a yearly update.


    Every patient who has any surgical procedure at Nature's Way is required to have a consultation with Dr. Diamantis The consultation is the most important step. At the consultation, we will classify your hair loss and develop a proactive hair restoration plan. Also this is the time to meet the Hair Team and develop a relationship with Dr. Diamantis.


    At the completion of your initial consultation with Dr. Diamantis, you will be given written statement which will include current fee schedule for the physician's current recommendations. In our experience, using the best techniques, the great majority of our patients want to have at least two procedures to a given area.


    Before a surgical procedure begins, a patient will receive an itemization of the planned procedure that will be performed that day along with the cost for each subsequent procedure. It is important for us to keep our fees at the most current market value while maintaining complete transparency. There will never be any hidden costs with your procedure.


    All aspects of the medical and surgical care you receive at Nature's Way are directed by and controlled by Dr. Diamantis who has significant experience in hair restoration surgery. Hair restoration is a simple outpatient surgical procedure. Patients are administered local anesthesia and  IV sedation to minimize any discomfort or pain. Most patients convalesce at home for the remaining day. Post-operative complications are rare and always temporary. Dr. Diamantis removes the donor hair, creates the recipient sites and selects ideal grafts for those sites. Now,  your new hair will start to grow!


    Hair loss generally continues throughout life and hair restoration procedures do not prevent ongoing hair loss from occurring. However, for the vast majority of patients, virtually all transplanted hairs are permanent and continue to grow for life, just as well as they would have grown in the donor area from which they come.

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To all of our future and current patients, we promise to treat you with kindness and respect throughout  your journey. Dr. Diamantis will deliver the latest techniques in hair restoration. Ultimately, we will make your experience  the best in the world.

--N.C. Diamantis, MD, FAACS
Director & Founder



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Dr. Diamantis is recognized for his artistic ability to create extremely natural looking results for his patients. A restored hairline by us looks completely natural and soft. Each restored hairline is done by creating a hairline zone that makes it virtually impossible to distinguish between native and transplanted hair.

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