Male Hair Loss Cleveland & Canton Ohio

Classify Your Hair Loss

Your hair loss classification will determine your future hair loss and current restoration plan.

More than 80% of all men experience some hair loss or male pattern baldness. The chart illustrates how male pattern baldness advances.

Dr. Diamantis will examine your hair and use the chart to diagnose your balding or thinning pattern. Your classification will help determine your restoration plan.

During your private consultation, Dr. Diamantis will perform a thorough examination of your balding and thinning areas to classify your hair loss. Based on this diagnosis, we will determine your candidacy for hair restoration and recommend an individualized hair restoration plan.

To assist us in developing the best treatment options for you, choose the Norwood Classification that best describes your current hair loss. You can also identify your genetic hair loss pattern by selecting the image below that best describes your parent’s and grandparent’s (mother’s and father’s side) hair loss pattern.

Norwood Classification
(Hair Loss Progression)