Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss

Your hair loss classification will determine your future hair loss and current restoration plan.

You are not alone—If you are a woman experiencing hair loss, you’re not alone, hair loss in women is much more common than you would suspect. It happens to approximately 50% of women by the age of 50, about forty million women in the U.S. Many women consider their hair a crown of beauty, so it’s understandable when thinning hair is emotionally distressing. Women start to lose their hair about a decade later than men. Women start their hair loss in their 30’s while men lose their hair in their 20’s.

Hair Loss in Women

Female hair loss occurs when hair follicles become smaller and finer due to heredity or age they have a reduced life cycle and thus become shorter and thinner (balding).  In addition, individual follicles may lose pigment and may remain permanently dormant (asleep). If a woman is unhappy with  her hair density, hair transplantation may be a viable option. Dr. Diamantis will examine your hair, diagnose your thinning pattern and discuss it with you. If you are a hair restoration candidate, Dr. Diamantis  will recommend a personal restoration plan. You can also identify your genetic hair loss pattern by selecting the image below that best describes your parents’ and grandparents’ (mother’s and father’s side) hair loss pattern.

Ludwig Classification
(Hair Loss Progression)