Cost of Treatment

Cost factors that must be considered for each patient include…

1. Your Degree of Hair Loss – Your degree of hair loss relates directly to the amount you would like restored. Some patients address hair loss in one specific area such as the hairline or crown, while others may add coverage to a larger area.
2. Your Personal Goals –  A key step when determining cost is for Dr. Diamantis to understand your hair restoration goals and what you would like your procedures to accomplish. While discussing your hair loss with you, he will clarify your hair restoration goals and determine the best way to help you achieve them. Keep in mind there are multiple treatment options available to you and Dr. Diamantis will assist you to make the best decision.
3. Your Time Frame – Some patients space a number of small procedures over time to limit costs. Others choose to achieve as much as possible during their initial procedure. Dr. Nicholas Diamantis can recommend a range of grafts providing the most visible improvement. You can decide how you would like to proceed.

While every case and every patient is unique. Nature’s Way Hair Restoration typically cost between $2,000 and $10,000. Approved interest free financing is available with payments based on your payment plan’s duration and amount financed. Most patients pay from $70 to $300 per month. Because every patient is unique, we advise you to be wary of any physician who will quote a price over the phone. At Nature’s Way, all consultations are free and come with no obligation. You can determine your exact cost after Dr. Diamantis assesses your hair loss and discusses your restoration goals.

We have enclosed an example of a usual payment schedule. If you want to get pre-approval financing prior to your consult with Dr. Diamantis it is very easy. Simply, click on the Care Credit button and follow the simple directions.

Payment Plan Example

Amount Borrowed Monthly Payment
$3000 $72 /month
$4000 $95 /month
$4500 $107 /month
$5000 $119 /month
$6000 $148 /month
$7000 $165 /month